Fire Resistant

Up to 120 mins
BS 1634-1 up to EI120

Acoustic Reduction

Up to 55dB

Ballistic Resistant

BS EN 1522

Intruder Resistant

BS EN 1627
RC2 to RC5

Introducing Robust’s new Glazed Steel Profile System

Robust ‘GLAS-DOR’ is a fire insulated profile system with a core of fire resistant insulation for glazed doors, sliding doors, partition walls and window sections. Ideal for use in offices, shopping centres, airports, hotels, hospitals, schools and similar public buildings. GLAS-DOR is manufactured in the UK and is available made to measure in as little as 10 days from order.


  • Fire resistance up to 2 hours – BS EN 1634-1
  • Fire-resistant sliding doors up to 30 mins
  • Burglary and bullet resistance
  • Arches and round overlights available
  • Door leaf and frame profiles available 30, 50 and 85 mm
  • Narrow 20mm and wide profiles available: 85, 130, 180 or 260 mm
  • Finger trap gasket tested to BS476
Window Profile
Door Profile
Loss Prevention Certification Board
Secured by Design

Up to 2 hours fire resistance

Robust fire resistant sections in steel have been tested in accordance with BS476: Part 22: 1987 for wall sections up to 120 minutes integrity and insulation, doorsets up to 90 minutes integrity and 60 minutes insulation as well as double leaf sliding doors with top and side lights for 30 minutes integrity.

Door and wall sections make up the fire cell partitions in, for example, corridors, main passageways and stairwells used as evacuation routes in the event of a fire. The solid fire-resistant insulating core between the steel profiles effectively reduces heat transfer from the side of the door or wall exposed to the fire.

Combined Fire and Security Resistance

GLAS-DOR  system is type-approved for several fire-resistant classes in combination with burglary resistance, e.g. EI 60 and RC3. Fire resistance is provided in accordance with the applicable type approval certificate. Burglary-resistance classes RC3 and RC4 are in accordance with standard ENV 1627.

The type approval certificates mean that “labelled” sections can be used to comply with specific requirements for fire and burglary resistance with a transparent solution in stairwells, for instance. It is also possible to move exterior protection from an entrance and also comply with these requirements in stairwells, for example, that may separate various activities.

The profile depth can be adjusted to suit specific requirements, e.g. 65, 70 and 90 mm.

In addition to requirements for fire resistance, glass must also comply with requirements for burglary resistance as per EN 356 as well as fittings. Type-approved solutions include, among other things, multipoint locks (MPL).

Unique Fire-Resistant Sliding Doors

Robust has developed and tested a type-approved 30/30 fire resistant sliding door to BS476. The door is operated using Besam Unislide (including LD 550494). Max section dimensions are 10 x 3 m, and the max door leaf dimensions are 1250 mm. This provides a max. opening of 2210 mm for bi-parting sliding doors. Please refer to IFC Assessment Report.

Please note that door leaves in sliding doors must not pass over any vertical element, as there is a risk of damages. Sliding doors must not be installed along evacuation routes and if required an emergency exit door should be installed at the side.

Size and Configurations

The systems can be adapted to suit requirements and are type approved, with features including finger trap gaskets, round windows and arches. The systems have profiles adapted for modular locks (85 mm) as well as narrow (20 mm) and wide (130, 180 and 260 mm) profiles. These tested and approved systems also come in a wide variety of heights and widths. Wall sections up to 3.45m height and with a free edge have been tested as per EN 1364-1 to ensure compliance up to EI 120, and 4 metres height sections up to EI 60.



Polyester Powder Coated from Standard Colour Range


Polyester Powder Coated from Non-Standard Colour Range


Stainless Steel Brushed, Polished or Patterned


Unfinished for site finishing

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